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Sep 22, 2009 5:24 PM by Justin Joseph

Woman fights pit bull to save child; nearly loses leg

A Nebraska woman is recovering after nearly losing her leg to a pit bull.

Joyce Haynes was mauled by the dog when she jumped in to pull it off of a young boy on Saturday.

Haynes was bitten on the lower leg as she tried to help the young boy who the dog was chasing near her Omaha home.

"It just kept barking at me, and I screamed," says Lionel Valles who ran from the dog when it started barking.

Haynes was bitten on the calf and lost a lot of blood.

Doctors considered amputating the leg when she arrived for treatment, but quickly decided to try and save the limb.

The owner of the dog, Eraina Stubblefield, will face several charges, including harboring a dangerous animal and a restraint violation.

Stubblefield signed the dog over to the care of the Humane Society, which will keep it for 10 days for observation, then euthanize it.


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