Oct 9, 2012 11:20 PM by Andy Koen

Woman describes stabbing intruder

It was just before noon Tuesday when Jasmin Coblentz says a man with a gun walked through her front door at the Park Meadows Apartments on Mt. Werner Circle. Her husband Robert, brother-in-law Ed and 3 year old niece were all home at time. In fact, the niece had been coloring at a table just inside the door.

"The guy comes in, he yells something, he hit Ed in the face with the gun right here, it gashed open," Coblentz said.

Robert was standing at the kitchen sink and rushed over to help his brother.

"Robert came from this way and pushed the door on him which I think is what got the gun out of his hand."

They wrestled on the floor knocking over furniture and plants. That's when Jasmin says her instinct for survival took over.

"I came up and started hitting him and realizing that I'm not really helping at all, I'm doing anything so I ran over to here over to my kitchen and grabbed a small kitchen knife," she said.

Coblentz gestured to describe the length of the knife as being around four to five inches including the handle.

"I got him a couple times over here," she said pointing to the floor just inside the door way. "They wrestled and got over here, there's blood on the floor."

Injured, out numbered and no longer holding the gun, Ed and Robert stood the man up against the door. Coblentz said he had an unusual message.

"He was saying 'I'll tell you who's setting you up, I'll tell you who's setting you up.'"

He left, and moments later collapsed on the lawn outside of a nearby apartment. A neighbor saw him lying there and called 911.

Police department spokesperson Barbara Miller says the call was received at 11:49 a.m. only a minute after Coblentz had called to report the home invasion. Officers were on the scene by 11:50 a.m.

The man was taken to Memorial Hospital with what are described as life-threatening injuries. He is said to be a black man in his early 30's. The police recovered the gun from Coblentz apartment.

However, Miller was cautious to not label either person a suspect or victim.

"I don't think anybody is being called a suspect right now," she said. "We have to investigate to determine what it is we really have here."

Coblentz also said they were robbed at gunpoint a few months earlier. While she wasn't at home at the time, Robert was and Coblentz said is he was sure it was the same man.

"I know I don't want him to die," Coblentz said. "I don't want to be responsible for taking someone's life because I have no right to make that kind of decision."

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