Oct 17, 2012 12:56 PM by Kirsten Bennett

Wisconsin town at odds over 'Hang in There Obama' sign

An offensive sign is causing a stir in Redgranite, Wisconsin. The sign reads "Hang in there Obama" with a picture of a noose.

The man that made the sign says he is an Obama supporter, and the sign is simply meant to get people thinking. Many others in town say they're offended by what some call a racist message.

"The history behind the noose. I don't like it," said Joyce Olson, a resident of the Wisconsin town. Olson says the sign is racist and reminds her of lynchings.

But the sign's creator Tom Savka claims the point is to grab your attention.

"If it is causing this much attention that's good," Savka said, adding that, "If it gets you off your dead butt, gets you away from watching the football game and go out and vote."

From far away, the sign seems to read "Hang Obama" next to a picture of a noose. If you get closer, you can read "Hang in There Obama," and if you get even closer, in small print at the bottom, you can read "I Love Obama."

While many call the sign tasteless, Savka says it will remain on his property until after election day.


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