Jul 8, 2012 9:39 PM by Nicole Vandeputte

Will a virus shut down your computer tomorrow?

A cyber threat is making a lot of people nervous tonight. It's the prospect that a nasty computer virus could cut off internet access to tens of thousands of people.

For six months now, a system run by the federal government has helped computers infected with a virus connect to the internet, supporting even those who had no idea their computers were affected.

But, that FBI-run system shuts down at midnight, and for some in the US, logging on tomorrow could be a problem.

Odds are, your computer will not be affected. But if it is, you can blame six estonians charged last fall with corrupting four million computers worldwide, in a scheme that raked in 14-million dollars.

Experts say the odds are very high that you won't be affected. But, if you are you probably won't know. And, you are going to have a hard time fixing your computer.

The FBI now estimates about 45-thousand computers in the US are still infected.

You can check yours simply by logging on to this website -- Most internet service providers can help, too.



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