Dec 14, 2009 2:58 PM by Associated Press

Who was hot - then not - during past decade?

With more fads than folks at an "American Idol" audition, the past decade has been a difficult time to culturally define. One day, everyone was updating their MySpace profiles while sporting Ugg boots and sipping cosmopolitans. The next, they were creating Facebook pages while donning Ed Hardy T-shirts and downing energy drinks.

Superheroes, disaster movies, reality TV, professional wrestling and a boy wizard named Harry Potter weathered the decade's ever-changing pop culture storm while others rode the aughts like a roller coaster. Britney Spears was in, then out, then in again, advantageously morphing herself from teen queen to train wreck to pop diva within the 10-year span.

Others returned from yesteryear - or space, as in the case of the reinvigorated "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" franchises - to reclaim their pop culture glory. Not every entertainment hallmark was so successful in overcoming revolving taste buds. Here are 10 things that were oh-so-hot at the beginning of the '00s that turned totally cold by the bitter end:

"Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?" Fifty women vied to be the bride of mystery man Rick Rockwell, who picked nurse Darva Conger to wed in an impromptu 2000 ceremony that drew over 20 million viewers. The pair later annulled the marriage, and Fox opted against future installments. Viewers everywhere felt guilty for watching the sleazy TV spectacle.

Mel Gibson. The suave actor-director was riding high at the beginning of the aughts with "The Patriot," "What Women Want" and "The Passion of the Christ," but what he will likely be remembered most for this decade is his infamous slur-filled 2006 drunken driving arrest. After completing his three-year probation, Gibson's conviction was expunged in 2009.

'NSync. The boy band jump-started the '00s with the album "No Strings Attached," which continues to hold the record for biggest first-week CD sales at 2.4 million. Another album and a few tours later, the quintet quietly disbanded. They spent the rest of the aughts pursuing solo careers while simultaneously addressing reunion rumors. Maybe next decade?!




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