Jun 12, 2012 5:20 PM by Alyse Rzemek

Who pays the cost of rising retail theft?

Organized retail crime is on the rise across the united states. A survey by the National Retail Federation, shows that 96% of the companies that took part in the research have been victims of organized retail crime over the past year, an increase from 2010. Retailers said thieves have taken to making in-store returns of stolen merchandise or fraudulently using gift cards. victoria coleman reports.
Garry McCarthy with the Chicago Police Department said, "Retail theft is something that the police departments are probably going to struggle to deal with."
The survey concluded that in the past two years nationwide, the percentage of retailers affected by organized retail theft went up from 89-to-96 percent, esulting in 15-to-30 billions of dollars loss.
Chicago Police Department's, Sgt. Ed Wodnicki said, "These organized groups come into major retail areas and they steal on incredible levels." He also said even with the rise in thefts police and retailers are focusing on these types of crimes. "We aggressively investigate crimes of this nature. we've got a three-prong process: identify the offenders, apprehend them and convict them and we work with all levels of law enforcement," Wodnicki said.
Retailers say the loss the 15 to 30 billion dollar loss is some times passed on to consumers who have to pay higher prices on merchandise or receive fewer in store bargains.

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