Nov 29, 2011 7:18 PM by Matt Stafford

What necessity could you do without for 10 days?

Even with a cold front coming through Colorado Springs later in the week, and snow possible for Thursday, there are people in the community who won't have a coat.

One local man definitely won't be wearing one Thursday -- by choice. This is just one of several necessities he's seeing what it's like to go ten days without.

"40 percent chance of snow on Thursday," says Daniel Day, checking First Alert 5's online forecast. Thursday is day five for him of going without a coat; he's trying it for ten. Day wants to draw attention to those people locally who need coats right now.

He's collecting them at his office to donate to the Springs Rescue Mission.

"They need another 4,000 - 5,000 coats just to distribute here in Colorado Springs," says Day. So by not wearing a coat, and explaining why through his blog, he hopes to generate support. Day's blog is

"Its worth a little bit of sacrifice if I can raise awareness and help people get coats that don't have any"

It's all part of a bigger mission for Day; he's applying the same formula to several different necessities to see what kind of positive attention he can create.

"They're (topics picked to work on) a really big need, or they're going to be something interesting to write about," explains Day.

The "no coat" idea is his fifth one to try.

"Each one has had its own sacrifice in a different way," says Day. "The "no shoes" one was more about not being able to go into places that I normally go into; restaurants, grocery stores, place like that."

"By far, "no legs" was the hardest."

Day still got his son out to do some trick or treating on Halloween, despite going in a wheel chair.

"That sacrifice required other people to sacrifice as well," says Day; pointing out his bosses at work, as well as a lot of help from the family at home.

The goal -- eventually he'd like to see people across the country posting work they're doing in their own communities to his blog; showing issues that need attention.

Day's next idea may be tough during the holiday season - he wants to try to not spend any money for ten days. He has others planned, and is looking for more ideas. To visit Day's blog, "10 Days Without," click here. Donation information can be found on the blog.


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