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Feb 5, 2014 6:52 PM by John Dissauer

Welcome to Ice Station Zebra

...Coldest day in over three years...

Welcome to "Ice Station Zebra".  Not familiar with the reference?  It is a great movie from 1968.  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it.

While not quite north pole cold, it is cold across southern Colorado.  Today was the coldest day in 1,100 days in Colorado Springs.  You have to go back to February 1, 2011 to find a day where the high temperature only reached 1°.  That will go in to the books as Wednesday's high, which occurred at 1:34am.

Brutally cold temperatures will continue through the overnight.  Even with cloudy skies, lows will drop well below zero.  (Colorado Springs: -8° | Pueblo: -10°)  Winds should not be too bad, but even with a light wind at 3-5 mph, wind chills will drop to do -15° to -25° at times overnight.

While temperatures will be "warmer" Thursday don't plan to break out the shorts and flip-flops.  Highs will be in the single digits to lower teens.  (Colorado Springs: 4° | Pueblo: 8°)  Expect to see cloudy skies and periods of snow flurries through the day.


We are going to be swamped in with clouds and colder temperatures as long as a temperature inversion remains in place over the I-25 corridor and southeastern Plains.  The inversion locks the cold air in and keeps moisture near the surface in the form of cloud cover.

An inversion develops when a layer of warm air sits over a layer of cold air.  In this case, cold air is hugging the ground, but just one to two thousand feet about the surface a layer of warm air resides.  Until something comes along and breaks the inversion, we will remain cold.  - Meteorologist John Dissauer


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