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Jun 13, 2014 7:07 PM by Greg Smith

Weiss get ejected, says Braves have 'no clue."

Most manager ejections come when the skipper yells at an umpire. Walt Weiss though, got ejected Thursday night for going after an opposing player.

In the 8th inning, Corey Dickerson fouled off a pitch, and in his backswing knocked off the catchers mask of Gerald Laird. Laird was shaken up but walked off under his own power. Braves pitcher David Carpenter then beaned Dickerson. Carpenter was immediately ejected, and Walt Weiss became more animated than he ever has as the Rockies manager. He appeared to be yelling and walking towards Carpenter on the mound when umpires intervened and ejected Weiss.

"If you think a guy can foul a ball off and then at the same time hit the catcher in the backswing on purpose, you got no clue," said Weiss after the game. "I don't like to show it, i don't like to go there. The stuff I do is behind closed doors, I'm not here to entertain anybody, but it happened."

We wont see any retaliation soon, the Rockies start a series with the first place Giants Friday at 8:15.



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