Aug 15, 2014 4:04 PM by Lena Howland

Weeds grow out of control in parts of Pueblo County

Weeds are growing out of control in parts of eastern Pueblo County.

Experts at the Colorado State University Extension Office in Pueblo County tell News 5 the massive amount of rainfall we've received in the past few weeks have caused the weeds to grow out of control.

"The problem is the extended growth of the weeds," Vincent Schultz, a 27-year Pueblo County resident said.

It's all thanks to a very stormy summer.

"We're seeing a lot more weeds than they had this time last year in the past, just mostly due the moisture conditions that we've been getting this year," Tom Laca, Ag and Natural Resources Extension Agent said.

Vincent Schultz has had quite the battle with these pesty weeds.

"It's just the overall abundance of the weeds. I know we've had a lot of rain which contributes to a lot of the weed growth but still, that does not alleviate the person, the landowner from taking care of the weeds," Schultz said.

His neighbor's property, now vacant, transformed into a rural jungle... infested with weeds.

"Nobody cares, because nobody enforces it," he said.

In Pueblo County, there are no land use regulations on appearance or height of weeds.

Meaning his neighbor's yard is perfectly legal.

"Some of these lots usually don't see any weed growth at all, and with all this rain they're just covered, some of them taller than us," David Wielinga, a Pueblo resident said.

So we asked the agriculture experts at Colorado State, what can you do to get rid of these weeds?

"Pull 'em, spray 'em, mow 'em. Even moving isn't going to stop all the seed from growing and at this point, a lot of them already started producing seed but, it will help keep them from blowing this fall and winter if you can mow them and mulch them down into the ground," Laca said.

"Cut your weeds! Keep your yard trimmed, take care of your lawn, it makes the whole neighborhood look nice," Wielinga said.

The Ag experts at Colorado State also tell me that the massive amounts of weeds we're seeing right now could be affecting your allergies by producing different pollens in the air.


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