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Feb 5, 2014 7:38 AM by Stephen Bowers

Wednesday Weather: VERY cold; perhaps a flurry

COLD is the rule for the day, and low clouds will prevent any significant warming. Our high temperatures will only be in the single digits for most areas. Wind chills will be -20 to -10 throughout much of the day. From those low clouds could come a few flurries, but snow will not be a big issue today and significant accumulation is unlikely.

The cold is enough that the deicer will not be as effective as normal on the roads. There will be icy spots on the main roads, and secondary roads will be far worse. Be ready for slow driving area-wide. Also remember dressing in multiple layers is much more effective at keeping you warm than one heavy coat. Remember gloves and hats, and a scarf can even be beneficial today.

As tempting as hot chocolate, coffee, or tea may be, it's important to remember the cold air is also dry. Drinking water is essential to stay properly hydrated.

Also, if you use space heaters, it's important to remember they need SPACE - at least three feet all the way around (even around the back).

Be safe and stay warm!


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