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Nov 12, 2009 10:54 AM by Adam Kuperstein

Watered down drink? Not with these ice cubes

Wouldn't it be nice if your favorite cocktail never got watered down. Now, it doesn't have to, because instead of a drink 'on the rocks' you can get it 'in the rocks'.

Jason Sherman, a 34 year-old from Hallandale, Florida has invented certainly the coolest way to serve alcohol by freezing it solid, in the shape of a small cube.

It's done with a counter top machine. Pour your favorite liquor in the top, press the button, and in two minutes the liquor comes out in cubes.

"Pure alcohol. So as they melt, your drink gets stronger as opposed to a regular drink with regular ice, your drink starts to get weaker", Sherman said.

Last month a world-wide competition for entrepreneurs chose Sherman's company "Beyond Zero" as one of its finalists.

"I think that was really key to vaulting us to where we are because it gave us credibility from a place that we really didn't expect", Sherman said.

Right now this machine is just a prototype. But Sherman's plan is to sell it to bars, clubs and restaurants. And eventually, you.

"We're thinking of having it in a nice mahogany box so you can put it on the countertop at home", Sherman said. His company is also explore ways to sell pre-frozen liquor cubes at liquor stores.



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