May 30, 2010 10:31 PM by Matt Stafford

Waiting for the welcome home

They may not be rivets, but the staples being driving by Laura Button to support her soldier.

"Taking care of things here is the least I can do for the sacrifice that he has made, not only for us but for our country." Button says.

Her husband, Specialist Nathan Button, left with the 4th B.C.T, 4th I.D. about a year ago to Afghanistan. Since then she's been handling things around the home.

"It was hard but at the same time I was very, very proud of my husband," says Button.

However, the wait is almost up. He's scheduled to get home Sunday night, and now the family is getting ready.

"We've been waiting a long time," Button explains, "Every day feels like a month."

From hanging signs and banners, to making sure the car has just enough shoe polish, Laura has a long list of tasks and a lot on her mind.

"It just kind of keeps our hands busy and our minds busy," says Button, explaining how it helps. "So that 9 o'clock will come faster."

Based on how anxious she's been so far, time probably wont be moving that quickly, but holding on to that slow pace would be nice while he's home. Laura knows another deployment is down the road. It's part of the job.

"I just try to not focus on what's in the near future and focus on today," Button explains.

There's still plenty left to do, but she knows her husband will be so happy to be home that he probably wouldn't care if the signs were hung or not. However, it's this family's way of showing how excited they are to have their soldier home.

Sunday's ceremony at Fort Carson is expected to have 290 soldiers reuniting with their families. 300 more are scheduled to come home on Monday. Another 200 will be home for a ceremony on Tuesday.


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