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Jul 28, 2013 11:28 PM by Tony Spehar -

Victim in latest attempted robbery at ATM drags suspect with her car

The sixth in a string of robberies and attempted robberies at ATMs in Colorado Springs happened late Saturday night.

Just after 11 p.m. a woman pulled up to drop-off money at the ATM at a Wells Fargo at Prominent Point near the intersection of Powers and Union. A man armed with a gun walked up to her car and smashed out one of the rear windows, the victim spoke to News 5 on Sunday and did not want her identity revealed.

"He came up out of nowhere, I had not seen anybody in the parking lot when I pulled up, no cars, no nothing," the woman described. "He came up and he broke up my back passenger window, he started to cuss and yell at me, telling me to shut-up and I hit my gas."

With the suspect still halfway through the window of her car she sped across the parking lot of the bank until she shook him loose. The man took off running across an open field, Colorado Springs Police set-up a perimeter and used K-9s to try and find the man but he was able to escape.

"If he's still out there, he's still dangerous because I'm under the impression that there's two people," the victim explained.

Colorado Springs Police are under the same impression, a string of armed robberies at ATMs throughout July that sometimes involve two suspects actually started at the same Wells Fargo location on July 5.

"We've seen a pattern develop over the past month or so, kind of started after the July Fourth holiday, we have five or six incidents that have been potentially linked," explained Lt. Cari Graves.

After the first robbery on July 5 another person was robbed while using an ATM at the US Bank on North Academy Blvd. and then another person was robbed at that same location on July 20. Robberies also occurred at an ATM at a restaurant on North Circle Dr. and at an ENT ATM on Jetwing Drive. The descriptions of the suspects in each robbery and how they were carried out has lead police to believe the same people may be carrying out all the crimes.

Police are urging everyone to use caution while using drive-up ATMs or drive-thru restaurants at night.

"Be careful when they pull into those things, keep your doors locked, windows up until you're going to be served especially after dark," advised Lt. Graves.

The victim of Saturday night's robbery attempt is thankful she wasn't hurt, but wishes she could've done more to help catch the suspects and potentially put an end to the robberies.

"I'm so lucky, I just wish that maybe I had reacted differently, maybe I could've taken more action to follow them," she explained. "I just don't understand what provokes someone to rob someone who works full time, who does everything they can to make their own living."

The suspect in Saturday's robbery is described as a Hispanic or possibly White male, between 18 and 30-years-old, about 5'8'' and was wearing dark clothes at the time of the robbery. That description matches suspect descriptions from some of the other ATM robberies. The man's possible accomplice is only described as a black male.

Anyone with information about the ATM robberies is asked to call Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000.



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