Sep 4, 2012 11:53 AM by Lauren Molenburg

Vets report cases of mushroom poisoning in pets

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona (AP) - Three Flagstaff animal clinics have reported several cases this summer of mushroom poisoning in dogs.

However, area vets are split over whether more dogs are suffering sickness after eating mushrooms or whether this marks an annual event during northern Arizona's monsoon season.

The Daily Sun reports some veterinarians have seen more cases this year, while others haven't seen any.

The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center doesn't keep track of pets, but the center has had two cases this year in Coconino County related to people who ate possibly toxic mushrooms.

With pets, Flagstaff veterinarian Monet Martin says the cases so far have involved mild symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea but more serious effects are possible, including death.

Area veterinarians are advising pet owners to remove mushrooms from their yards to avoid a potential run-in with a toxic variety.

Information from: Arizona Daily Sun

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