Jan 17, 2011 7:24 PM by John Romero

Unrest in Haiti as former dictator returns

A shocking scene for many in Haiti on Sunday as former dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier unexpectedly returned to the nation he ruled for 15 years. It took Southern Colorado based organizations who work in Haiti by surprise. "The truth of the matter is it kind of threw everyone for a loop." says Laurie Bickel with God's Littlest Angels, a Haitian Baby Ministry. "To have these tyrants come back in should alarm all of us." adds Kathy Redmond with Compassion International.

Human rights groups and Amnesty International have urged the Haitian government to arrest the former dictator who has been widely accused of brutality and corruption. Compassion International hasn't gone that far, but says his arrival could be detrimental to their work and most importantly the Haitian people themselves. "Duvalier stole so much money and aid." Redmond explains, "And now here's all this money pouring in Haiti and aid."

Just a few miles away, God's Littlest Angels is also watching. While many internationally think Duvalier wants to regain power, Bickel don't think that's the case. "You don't know. It's too early to tell anything truthfully." she says, "But I don't see that as what's happening."

In either case, both organizations will keep a close on their operations in Haiti as the torn nation struggles to recover a year after the devastation of the earthquake. "It's very puzzling." says Redmond, "For a nation that's already going through so much, it really adds confusion to the entire political scene there."

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