Aug 17, 2012 5:03 PM by Andy Koen

UCCS students give mixed reactions to concealed carry ruling

In light of a recent ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court upholding the right of students with state-issued concealed carry permits to bring their weapons on college property, News 5 stopped by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to find out what students there had to say about the issue.

Zach Pickard is full time student and an active duty soldier stationed at Fort Carson. He's also a concealed carry permit holder. Zach says he agrees with the ruling.

"Everyone who has permits is cleared, they've been trained," Pickard said. "They are more responsible than the average person, or they should be."

Sisters Lianne and Elise Koerner believe permit holders should have the right the carry, but it doesn't make them feel safer.

"I feel like when people have access to guns at any moment in time they could get into an argument and pull out the gun right away and I feel like it could lead to a lot more destruction than good," said Lianne, a criminal justice major. "However, I do think that people have the right and should have the right to carry concealed weapons, so I kind of go back and forth."

Elise says it's a little unnerving knowing that anyone on campus could be carrying a gun she wouldn't know it. "That being said, this campus is really safe and having the police officers everywhere, it's not a huge concern to me."

Mike Wallentin, an English major from Chicago, also feels that Colorado Springs is a safe community. "I think a student having a weapon won't necessarily affect too much ... the safety we feel we have on this kind of campus, as compared to where I'm coming from."

And Connor Underwood says he's weary of restrictions on our freedoms. "I don't think we should limit our rights, but we definitely should not put ourselves in harms way, you know, Colorado is a great place, we need to keep it safe."


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