Apr 12, 2014 2:57 PM by Greg Dingrando

Two sets of protesters collide outside Planned Parenthood

COLORADO SPRINGS - Protests outside Planned Parenthood are nothing new, but Saturday both sides were represented with large numbers.

Dozens of catholics joined Bishop Sheridan for a special mass outside Planned Parenthood on Centenial. It was to signify the ending of the "40 Days of Life" campaign to protest abortions and other services provided by Planned Parenthood.

Joseph Marton is a regular protestor outside the center, but he said having a special mass was nice.

"we're here because of Christ dying for our sins. Those sins can be forgiven no matter what. They need to repent and turn to God so its important to have a mass out here because of the innocent blood shed over there," said Marton.

Mert Ware is another regular protestor. He said it was nice to have a special mass, but he said its special every day they're there.

"All life is precious. whether its new birth or elderly. its all precious and only god can say when and where we're going to live or die," said Ware.

But the catholic protestors weren't alone on the sidewalk.

More than a dozen pro-choice and Planned Parenthood supporters were also there with their own signs.

"We want to be a voice and a presence for people who are coming by here and see the other side all the time and wonder where is my voice. So we're trying to be that voice for people," said Ellen Rennels.

The pro-choice supporters said Planned Parenthood is much more than just an abortion clinic.

"Ninety-eight percent of services are not abortion services. There are reproductive health services for women. They do all sorts of testing at a very reasonable price for low income women," said Georgia Moen.

Although the mass marked the end of the "40 Days of Life campaign, protestors said they'll continue to stand outside Planned Parenthood on a regular basis.



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