Apr 8, 2014 11:37 PM by Connie Murphy

Two More Pings Heard From Missing Plane Search Site

Search equipment has detected two new signals that might be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Australian authorities said Wednesday.

The two signals, both picked up Tuesday, yielded more than 12 minutes in transmissions, retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston told reporters at a briefing in Perth.

That could allow search leaders to significantly narrow the area they need to scour to determine whether they're zeroing in on the "final resting place of Flight 370," he said.

"What we're picking up is a great lead," he said.While there's still "a great way to go," the new signals could help data specialists triangulate"a much more sharply defined search area - a much smaller search area underwater," Houston said.

That's vital because the jet's "pingers" are already past the expected 30-day life of their batteries.

Houston said indications were that the ocean floor in the vicinity of the Ocean Shield is very silty; silt absorbs sound, probably hindering the signal detection, search officials said.

The previous two signals were detected about 3 miles below the water's surface - the maximum known depth of the ocean floor.



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