Dec 20, 2013 9:06 PM by Joanna Wise

Trinidad Police: We could have had another school shooting on our hands

Yesterday's district-wide lock-out came as a shock. Today, as people in the tight-knit community of Trinidad learn more about why it happened, they're in disbelief.

"When you hear that stuff you're right away, you're scared. That's your first reaction- being scared that something is going to happen to your loved ones," said Angela Hernandez, a resident of Trinidad.

Police say two male students, one 15-years-old, the other 16-years-old, we're making threats to shoot their peers and teachers at Trinidad High School.

They believe the two students started planning weeks ago.

"This had been maybe a month, month-and-a-half process that they we're talking about," said Trinidad chief of police Charles Glorioso.

Investigators say the 15-year-old seemed more serious about the threats. They learned he had made comments about how he idolized the Columbine and Aurora theater shooters.

Police say the targets in this situation would have been the "jocks" the 15-year-old was reportedly being bullied by. Another target- a teacher he had a grudge against.

"Yesterday was definitely not a drill," said Nick Ruybalid, student council president at Trinidad High School. "There was definitely a different aura in the air of... things might get bad really quickly."

Ruybalid says this situation serves as a reality check. No matter where one lives, no matter how big or small the town is, a threat to school safety could happen anywhere.

"I believe that everyone has a feeling of it can't happen to me. There's no way that could ever happen to me; I'm glad that I can't see that happening to me- and then it happens," said Ruybalid.

Glorioso says a lot students they talked to were reluctant about coming forward and reporting what they had heard. He says if anything, yesterday's lock-out should serve as a learning experience.

"Anything you hear needs to be brought to an adult's attention, and then let the people in the proper authority make those decisions on whether it's credible or not," said Glorioso.

Both students are charged with Inciting Destruction of Life or Property, a Class 6 felony. If found guilty, they could spend up to a year-and-a-half in prison.



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