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May 30, 2013 8:26 PM by Alyse Rzemek

Trinidad coaches cut from next school year

Lots of casualties in an effort to balance the budget in an area school district. All sports have been eliminated at middle and high schools in Trinidad, just 80-miles south of Pueblo. In shocking move for the community, coaches and the athletic director were let go or demoted on Wednesday.

Leaving dozens of students picketing outside the school district's administration building, instead of enjoying the last day of school. Junior Kahyla Garrison, is concerned about what is ahead for students. "Most of our futures were taken away because we come here to play sports. Now without coaches... where's sports going to be?" Kahyla wants to know.

Eleven coaches and the athletic director were told they wouldn't have a job next school year or have their same positions. District coach, George Dasko, is still looking for answers. "They didn't give a reason. Just were moving in a different direction. Discouraging for students like Khayla, who were looking forward to playing next year. "I think its all a part of plan. Nobody knows what to expect" Khayla said.

Other students like Billy Vigil who is in his senior year, says he is not sticking around to find out what's going to happen to the sports program. "I'm proud to be a Trinidad athlete, but this makes me not want to be here, to find out," Billy said. Some are expecting close to 125 students to go to elsewhere if there are no sports opportunities.

Leaving the school district to miss out on some much needed money. "When you lose that many you are losing a ton of money to operate on," Coach Dasko said. "You're responsible to other people..students.. Community to parents. Look and do the wishes the community."

The wishes that the administration would not comment on. A community meeting is set for 6pm On Firday at the Trinidad Community Center.



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