Oct 25, 2012 7:02 PM by Andy Koen

Track election results from your smart phone or tablet

El Paso County has just released a new app for smart phones and tablets that allows users track the 2012 election results in real time. The software was designed by members of the county information technology department.

Election results can be customized so that any particular race can be given the top spot on the screen. There will also be notices given as to when updated results can be expected.

Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams says no other county in the state has created such an application.

"One of the things we want to do in El Paso County is to make things as easy as possible for members of the public," Williams said. "So, this app was developed with the idea that not everyone may care about every race."

Williams also says the software is extremely secure because it only access data from the clerk and recorders website.

"There is not a connection from the counting equipment to the internet in any fashion," Williams explained.

Volunteers at the clerk's office have been busy processing all of the mail-in and early voting ballots. Williams estimates about 60,000 people have already cast their vote. The volunteers are only processing the voted ballots. They won't officially count the vote until election night.

To access the application, visit from any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. From there, simply click the "Elections" tab. Note: the this address is intended for smart devices and may not work on laptops or desktop PC's.


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