Dec 31, 2010 7:50 PM by James Amos

Tow truck driver has advice for you

Hopefully you'll never meet Leo Trujillo...

He's a tow truck driver for Tom's Towing in Pueblo. And if you have to meet him, you'll be pretty happy you did...

Trujillo worked during Thursday's blizzard, and Friday, and he expects to see some business later on New Year's Eve.

As he heads from call to call, Leo checks in with dispatch, and tells them what he sees along the way.

If you're heading out when the roads are slick, Leo said you need to realize that having four-wheel-drive isn't everything.

"They think, 'I got a four-wheel-drive, I can do anything. I can, I can drive on a lake with ice'," he said. "You can't do it. I mean, four-wheel-drive or not, if you're the heaviest car in the world, you're going to slide. The snow will get you."

And when you get stuck, Leo is the guy who has to crawl under your vehicle, no matter where it happens to be.
"Mud, snow, water, anything..."

So, any words of wisdom for folks driving around on New Year's Eve tonight?
"Just drive slow, and take it easy," he said. "Start stopping ahead of time, and just watch out for other people on the road there."



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