May 8, 2014 7:57 PM by Matt Prichard

Tourists split on 'magical' Colorado

The Huffington Post publishing a new survey that lists Colorado as the most "magical" state in the America.

On that list, Garden of the Gods taking sixth among the top ten places to see while you're here.

We took our cameras out to the Garden on Thursday to get some reaction on the survey, and found several tourists who seemed divided on whether Garden of the Gods deserved that high of a ranking.

"I thought it was absolutely beautiful, the vastness of the rocks is almost like this powerful feeling you kind of can't describe," said Colorado visitor, Hannah Rice.

"The mountains are majestic, and, the wildlife here is wonderful and so I think Colorado is magical, but I don't think Garden of the Gods lived up to the hype," said Colorado visitor, Jacob Rice.

Both of those folks traveling from Arkansas and saying that although they may not have been over the moon about the garden, it's certainly a beautiful spot. 



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