Dec 6, 2009 7:09 PM by Matt Stafford

Toughing out the weather for holiday shopping

It's crunch time for holiday shoppers.

"It's getting close and we have packages to mail so we wanted to make sure we have everything ready to go so we can mail it," says Alice Knievel, who was out doing some holiday shopping with her kids.

"Their dad lives and works in Korea so the shipping is a concern," says Cheryl Imlay, who was also out shopping with her children. "We've got to get it done."

While on Sunday the shoppers had to tough out the cold, it may have actually given them an advantage.

"The crowds are here but they're not too bad today," says Knievel. "We expected like a ton of people."

"There aren't as many people out because they're staying in their houses to keep warm," according to Caleb Imlay.

They say the lack of crowds helps the shopping move faster, but there are other things helping with crowd control so the shoppers can get the job done

"Well a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, and the (New Orleans) Saints were playing today so we figured the crowds would be a little lighter," explains Cheryl Imlay.

Knievel adds, "Not only are the Broncos playing, which is always a good time to shop, but the weather wasn't bad at all so once we got out on the main roads the snow wasn't bad at all."

So what might have looked like a hindrance at the start, ended up being the biggest help of the day.

A big concern for shoppers today was shipping presents and getting them there in time for the holidays. Click HERE for a complete list of the Postal Service's shipping dates to make it in time for Christmas.


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