Aug 5, 2011 8:52 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow

Tobacco embraces candy-like products

Tobacco embraces candy-like products

Tobacco companies are looking for new ways to deliver a nicotine fix without the smoke by making strips, sticks, and dissolvable tabs. All products come in a variety of flavors from cinnamon to mint.

These products are packaged in boxes looking like breath mints and strips, and it has some organizations worried that it will appeal to younger kids.

"The nicotine product is a gateway product for kids to go into cigarette smoking. That's one of the things that the tobacco companies want is for you to start the nicotine product that's highly addictive and then for you to continue using their products throughout your life," says Kiti Hall from the El Paso County Public Health Department.

The Colorado Board of Health is also concerned about the packaging and its potential to appeal to kids. On August 17 they will be holding a public hearing to discuss health concerns over the new dissolvable products.

Hall also says, "Dissolvable tobacco products are not a safe alternative to cigarette smoke nor tobacco use." She also says, "There's not been a whole lot of data research on the dissolvable products, but if it's a tobacco product, it's dangerous to the people that are using it. It's got the nicotine that's highly addictive and it's got the tobacco product that has had cancer products that they are made with."

We were able to find one local tobacco store along S. Nevada which carries the dissolvable products. No one in the store would go on camera to comment.


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