Nov 29, 2012 9:33 PM by Bill Folsom

Tis the season for deer tangled in decorations

It is the season when a lot of deer tangled in Christmas decorations are spotted in the Pikes Peak Region. Behavior during mating season contributes to the issue. "The deer are rubbing their antlers on all kinds of material during the rut," said Colorado Parks and Wildlife Spokesman, Michael Seraphin." They accidentally snag decorations and end up parading around with them caught in their antlers.

Wildlife officers get a lot calls from concerned citizens, but unless the animal is so tangled it can't get around or eat, they prefer to let the animal untangle itself. If that fails the next option is letting nature take its course. "The antlers will fall off over the winter months and whatever obstruction is in there will fall off at the same time," said Seraphin.

Tranquilizing or trying to trap a tangled animal is avoided because it can lead to injuries or even death. Leaving a string of lights in antlers is just an irritation.



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