Jan 19, 2011 7:07 PM by Greg Boyce

Time to get prepared

Now is the time to prepare for the unexpected. 

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office recommends an emergency kit.  It should include three gallons of water for each person in the home, non-perishable food, a flashlight, battery operated radio, matches, first-aid kit, tools, vital documents, a whistle, air filter masks, plastic sheeting, duct tape, towelettes, and extra clothes.

It is critical that a family knows where to meet up with each other if the phones are down and the road to home is blocked. Does your family know where to go? What about an out of state contact number, where each of you can check in when you are separated? If you have a house fire, does everyone have two escape routes, do you have a meeting place, and do they know NOT to go back inside a burning home? Put "ICE" or "In Case of Emergency" contacts in all of the cellular phones in your family and go over how to turn off the utilities with all the adult members of your household.

Get informed. Know the dangers that are possible in your area. Make sure you know the steps to shelter in place and multiple routes for evacuations from your neighborhood. Register your cellular phones for emergency calls from Pueblo 9-1-1 Centers even when you are away from your house by visiting www.pueblocountyoptin.com. If you have children attending school, make sure you know their emergency plan so you are comfortable with the care of your little ones during a disaster.

Consider taking a CPR class or volunteering for the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Bureau Response Teams so you can help others during an emergency. If you are able to, donate blood on a regular basis.

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