Jun 22, 2010 10:52 PM by Jordan Mason

This week's "Little Athletes" deliver a big kick

These kids are the toughest of the tough.

They punch.

They kick.

Some would rather be kicking than holding.

They break boards with their bare hands.

Shh...don't tell's really not that hard.

"It's not; they're kid's boards," said Daniel.

There's intense focus, knee swiveling, even the secret martial arts pick.

And when called upon by Master Lee, there's only one answer.

At the U.S. Taekwondo Center in Monument, the "Yes Sir's" come in all shapes and sizes.

Some kids have red belts, green belts...wait, what's the order again?

One kid, Jordan, named them all without blinking an eye.

"There's white, there's yellow, there's orange, there's green, there's purple, there's blue, there's brown, there's brown senior, there's red, there's red senior, there's red senior 1, there's red senior 2, there's bodan, there's bodan 1, there's bodan 2, bodan 3, black belt eligible, there is 1st degree black belt, 2nd degree black belt, 3rd degree black belt, 4th degree black belt, 5th degree black belt, 6th degree black belt, 7th degree black belt, 8th degree black belt, and 9th degree degree black belt."

Remember, anybody can nominate a "Little Athlete of the Week." Just go to and click on sports.



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