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Aug 31, 2009 10:53 AM by Andy Koen

Third grade teacher translates confidence into success

Third grade teacher Stanley Adams believes that learning is a life-long activity. His classroom at Mountain View Elementary in Colorado Springs is a relaxed and open place for learning.

"My main philosophy is that every student can teach, every student that wants to learn, and it's my job to pick out a teaching style that helps each individual student," Adams said.

Adams strives to create a passion for learning in his students by building their confidence, letting them know that it's okay to make mistakes and encouraging them to ask questions when they don't understand.

"If some students do still not quite understand that, I'll ask them to come up and we'll do a small group and we'll individualize it for those students," Adams explained.

Adams also believes that teaching takes a team effort.He wants parents to be involved both at school and at home.He hosts an after-school reading club once a week to keep his students reading at the proper level, and his nightly emails to mom and dad to keep them in the loop about what their student is learning.

Parent Jackie Bell having the regular line of communication helps her to help her student.

"Not only does that just kind of give the parent an idea of, okay this is what my kid did for 30, or for 8 hours today, but it also encourages conversation for when they get home from school," Bell said.

For taking the time to make sure the learning never stop we congratulate Stanley Adams for being our Teacher's First award recipient for the month of March.

We want to recognize all of the teachers that put in extra time and effort to help their students succeed. Tell us what makes your teacher stand out by


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