Mar 6, 2014 8:23 PM by Bill Folsom

Thieves target trailhead parking lots when temperatures rise

Your afternoon out on a local trail could be an opportunity for criminals. Colorado Springs police warn that when temperatures start to increase, they often see car break-ins on the rise at trailhead and open space parking lots.

The parking lots present an easy opportunity for criminals. Thieves know that the people out on the trails will be away for more than a few minutes. It gives them plenty time to look in windows for valuables left behind.

Crime prevention officers say thieves are much more likely to take the risk of breaking into a car if valuables are visible. They may also go after things you leave out with no value. "We place our backpacks, or gym bags, school bags, whatever we have in the car. Someone can come along and look in there and perceive that there's something of value in those bags," said Crime Prevention Officer, Sid Santos. The criminal may not get away with something valuable, but you are still stuck with the expense of repairs caused by the break-in.

Police say to leave valuables home, carry them with you, or at the very least keep them out of site. Simple prevention makes a big difference.



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