Aug 25, 2012 11:52 PM by Alyse Rzemek

Thieves stealing horse tails in Wyoming

It's a theft horse owners in Colorado have seen before, thieves chopping off the tails of horses. Now residents in Wyoming are finding that their horses' tails are being cut, too.
Cindy and Bruce Hiser woke up Tuesday morning and were shocked to find their horses tail's cut off. "You know, we try to make our horses gentle and this is what happens," Cindy said. "They took chunks out of some, they trimmed one, it just kind of depended. It looked to me like they were after color."

Six of the Hisers' horses fell victim to a tail-cutter. "They did it so the hair that they cut was hidden," Bruce said.
Incidents have been reported in Converse and Natrona counties. Natrona County Sheriff's Lieutenant Mark Sellers says they had this same problem several years ago. "They were using it for jewelry, or belts and hatbands," he said.

It isn't the cosmetic aspect upsetting the Hisers, but rather its interference with the horses' natural defense system. "This time of year it affects that they don't have a tail to swat the flies. I mean, it's really bad in the summer time," David said.

The Hisers say they feel violated knowing someone was on their property, only feet from their house where they were sleeping. To deter these criminals, horse owners can keep their horses tails braided and wrapped, and take some other precautions.
"Obviously lighted. Some places may have surveillance systems which would clearly identify if someone was in there cutting horse tails" Lieutenant Sellers advises.

Until these people are caught, the Hisers have a message for all horse owners, "Everybody be on the lookout and watch your horses. If you've got them out in pasture, check them daily," Cindy advises.



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