Jul 20, 2012 3:30 PM by David Ortiviz

Theater shooting evokes mixed feelings from movie fans

The Dark Knight Rises had the second-highest late night opening of all time, but it remains to be seen what impact the massacare in aurora will have on movie goers.

The movie's studio Warner Bros. canceled the film's Paris premiere, but many local theaters, including Tinseltown in pueblo, are still showing the movie as planned.

The Dark Knight had a huge mega opening raking in some $30 million at the midnight showings. However in light of the Colorado shooting, will movie fans stay home? We heard some mixed opinions today.

"It's scary, it's very scary. It kind of makes you wonder, you know maybe there should be security now at movie theaters," said Melissa, a movie-goer.

"This is just a great movie, it's going to be fun, so we're coming. We're going to enjoy it, I brought my son," said George Lee, a movie-goer.

"I'm mostly nervous the Dark Knight Rises won't live up to the Dark Knight," said Zach, a movie-goer.

The Dark Knight is scheduled to show on more than 6,700 screens worldwide.

In a written statement, Warner Bros. has expressed their "sincere sympathies" to the families and loved ones of victims.



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