Jul 27, 2010 8:39 PM by Jordan Mason

Little Athletes compete in the Neighborhood Olympics

Welcome to the 2010 Neighborhood Summer Olympics.  It's seven year-old Abbey Mansfield versus her next-door neighbor and best friend, eight-year old Ashleigh McDonald.

When asked, who's better at sports? Abbey replied, "Ashleigh is."  Ashleigh said, "I think Abbey is."

Okay, let's find out.  In the first event, basketball, Abbey steals the ball and banks home the game winning shot.

"We're not that girly," said Ashleigh.  "Like tomboys," said Abbey.

Let's go to the scoreboard.  It's Abbey one, Ashleigh zero.

We go to the scoreboard.  Abbey leads, two-nothing.

Event number three: baseball, home run derby style.  And Ashleigh cranks two balls into the other neighbors' lawn.

"Two-one," said Ashleigh and Abbey.  "The score is two-one right now."

All right, time for the fifty-meter dash.  Whoa. on the first attempt, Ashleigh's shoe falls off.  Let's try that again.

Here they come and it's a photo finish.

"It's a tie," said Abbey and Ashleigh.

Give both girls a point.  It's Abbey three, Ashleigh two going to the final event, soccer.

And Ashleigh goes right through the wickets.  Ashleigh completes her miraculous comeback.

Let's go to the final scoreboard.  It's a dead heat: Abbey three, Ashleigh three.

And so Abbey and Ashleigh are both our Little Athletes of the Week.

Remember, anyone can nominate a Little Athlete of the Week.  Just go to and click on "Little Athlete of the Week."



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