Aug 22, 2010 11:52 AM by Ethan Beute

Thank You for Trusting News First 5


Four times each year, Nielsen measures TV viewing here in Southern Colorado.  The most recent measurement, taken in February 2011, is consistent with past results going back more than a decade.

Once again, more people - more of your family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers - chose News First 5 for local news and weather than any other station. 

Thank you for sharing your time with and placing your trust in News First 5.  We know your time is valuable.  We know your trust is hard-earned.  There is no higher honor than this.  

News First 5 is:

  • The most-watched morning newscast  NF Today at 5am and NF Today at 6am
  • The most-watched mid-day newscast  NF Mid-day at 12pm
  • The most-watched early evening newscast  NF5 at 5pm and NF5 at 6pm
  • The most-watched late newscast  NF5 at 10pm

Our mission is to inform, prepare and connect every one in this community with a commitment to accuracy and balance in reporting.  These are some of the platforms we use:

Across all these platforms, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.  We respect your time and we respect your intelligence.  We refuse to sensationalize news or weather events to get you excited or scared; when you see "Breaking News" on News First 5, you can be assured that it's important and that it's happening right now.  We approach our work seriously and professionally, but we're not afraid to have a little fun or to show some emotion.   

Again, thank you.  All of our efforts are undertaken for your benefit, to keep you informed, prepared and connected.  That you give us your time and pay us your attention inspires us to do even more and work even harder.


How did we do today in terms of accuracy and balance in reporting?

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