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May 29, 2012 6:59 PM by Alyse Rzemek

Teens using tampons to get drunk

There is a new trend in underage drinking dubbed "Extreme Drinking".  Teens are soaking tampons in liquor.

Therapist and founder of New Horizon Sober House, Tina Coffelt says she has seen it all. "Things are getting worse,"  Coffelt says. Teens use anything from alcohol-laced gummy bears to infused tampons and enemas.  "A big reason they do it is you get a faster high and then you don't have the stomach upset so the vomiting is rare", Coffelt said.  Statistics from SADD or Students against drunk driving shows 37% of kids have consumed alcohol by the eighth grade and nearly 75 % by the end of high school.

Coffelt says she's not supriseed that teenagers are looking for new ways to experiment, but she says direct insertion of alchol in the body can be dangerous.  Injection into the body can be a faster process into the blood stream and lead to a higher risk of alchol poisoning. Alchol poisoning can cause serious damage to the liver, brain, heart and cause a quick death.






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