Feb 16, 2010 7:54 PM by John Romero

Technology can find inconsistencies in drug tests

For as long as people have been doing drug tests there's been other people trying to fool them. But it looks like it's becoming more prevalent. "We see that more and more." explains Lynette Crow, CEO of Conspire!, a drug testing services in Colorado Springs.

Lynette and Frank Polanco, M.D. the Medical Review Officer at Conspire!, say they're very familiar with brands such as Urine Luck and Ready Clean. They're products designed to cover up dirty urine tests. "The adulterants are intended to fool the laboratory so that whatever drug they're on doesn't show up." says Polanco. "It will show a different ph level that's not normal to your body ph level or it will show a different temperature that's not level with your body temperature level." adds Crow, "Also creatinin that's not normal creatinin level."

The best bet is to just stay clean from the start. "It's just better to be safe and not have anything in your urine." says Polanco. Crow agrees, "You will get caught eventually."



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