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Oct 10, 2009 5:40 PM by Kristin Hawley

Teachers First awarded to Springs kindergarten teacher

April's Teachers First recipient is a kindergarten teacher in District 11 in Colorado Springs. Tina Robertson was nominated by the school principal and her daughter. Caityin Morris says her mom is not only outstanding in the classroom, but a great parent too.

When it comes to teaching little ones, Robertson says, "I love this age, everything is magical, you mix blue and yellow, make green and they're amazed." She says that teaching kindergarten takes strong knees and quick fingers. For example, Robertson helped her students learn the concept of 30 feet by lining up 20 backpacks and even 29 5 year olds to show how long it really is. She says, "as many times as I can use their bodies, they actually retain the information better."

Tina Robertson admits to spending a slice of each summer dreaming up new ways of challenging the kids. "As soon as school is out, I'm preparing for what I can do next year and what I can do differently," says Robertson. "I just love kids so much, I don't know what else I would do, I really don't," she adds.

Tina has been a teacher for 19 years touching children's lives all the way from kindergarten thru the 3rd grade.


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