Feb 15, 2011 8:09 AM by Lisa Vigil

Tai Chi has many health benefits

This morning we learned a little bit about Tai Chi and the many health benefits, including the goal of balance and deep breathing.

Local Tai Chi instructor, Lauren Summerville, joined us in the studio to teach us a few of the calming exercises.  They have been known to help reduce stress and relieve tension.

For over six years she has practiced the slow, meditative movements and has taught classes for the last two years.  She is certified through arthritis and diabetes groups, and must re-train every two years.

"I do Tai Chi because it takes me to a place that is peaceful," Summerville says.  "I feel like I'm helping others."

If you would like to take classes or learn more, check with your local YMCA.  Classes are also offered at the SRDA in Pueblo, AARP, the rec center in Pueblo West and in several local churches. 



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