Oct 31, 2009 10:32 AM by Jamie Smith

Surviving Halloween during the swine flu pandemic

Halloween is always scary. But this year - there's swine flu. So how do parents and party-goers have fun and stay healthy? Here's a few tips.

Keep your candy to yourself.  Sorry kids,  this season is not time to share.  The same goes for sharing costumes, if you put it on you could get someone's germs.

Lots of parents are nervous about going door to door. The solution is to sanitize between treats.
Doctors say to wipe the kids hands between houses.

What about the grownups? Don't worry, you can still party, just be smart and keep your hands out of the chip bowl. If your the hostess and want to put out chips, just add a pair of salad tongs. That way guest can get what they want, and put them on a plate without spreading any germs.

What if you're on candy duty,  washing you hands is a good idea.  Also, don't serve candy if you're sick.
From kids to adults, doctors say its about finding a balance between being safe and having fun.

One more tip this Halloween season, is absolutely no bobbing for apples. In the face of a pandemic some traditions are just too scary.



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