Dec 20, 2012 12:28 AM by Eric Ross

Surveillance cameras up and running in Colorado Springs

There's a new eye in the sky in downtown Colorado Springs.

After months of debate and criticism, the Colorado Springs Police Department was given the green light to use them.

"It provides a very good network capability of viewing what we determine to be the higher risk areas downtown where we respond to a lot of calls," CSPD Cmdr. Pat Rigdon said.

A total of 13 cameras are on and recording down at the department's Gold Hill Division.

They will be monitored by volunteers like Bob Lockwood.

"It's well worth it," he said. "One of the big deals about this whole thing is getting some of these people (criminals) off the street."

By having a bird's eye view of downtown, he and other volunteers can keep a keep eye out for suspicious activity.

"Not only are we going to have the ability to observe crimes in progress, but we are also hoping that the cameras themselves have a deterrent value," Rigdon said.

One of the biggest concerns over the camera installation was whether they were an invasion of privacy.

The city council debated that issue, ultimately deciding they did not.

If proven effective, CSPD says more cameras could be installed in the near future.



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