May 1, 2014 6:30 PM by Matt Prichard

Surprise SWAT operation in Pueblo

SWAT rolling out Thursday in Pueblo searching for suspects and surprising residents in the process.

"When you see armored trucks pull up right back behind us, and you hear loud bangs, yeah of course you get scared. I was ready to crawl under the car," said Pueblo resident, Scott Campbell.

Most living near the 9th Avenue home felt the same way. But SWAT says to catch the criminals, they need the element of surprise.

"For strategic reasons, we can't really give that information out, and warn people that we're coming because it defeats the purpose when they're trying to catch some criminals," said Sgt. Eric Gonzalez with the Pueblo Police Department.

The team was searching for three suspects, finding two of them. All are believed to be involved in several home invasions, and could have gang ties as well.

"It isn't directly related to it, but it's kind of related to gangs and retaliations within the gangs. So the department is taking a stand and doing as much as possible," said Sgt. Gonzalez.

Even with that stand, folks in Pueblo are more concerned, and discouraged that their town is changing for the worst.

"It really is a scary deal, and Pueblo's such a small town. I hate to see all of this going on," said Campbell.

Pueblo Police is still searching for the third suspect, 23-year-old Louis Leal, and ask that anyone with information contact authorities immediately.



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