Aug 21, 2010 7:50 PM by Matt Stafford

Suddenly down to nothing

Kathy Moore is now pouring through papers, after her bank accounts were drained this week.

"It's a terrible feeling to wake up and see that you have zero balances on both of your accounts," Moore says. She says she contacted her bank immediately, and found out she was a victim of debit card fraud.

"$1,600 dollars worth of charges in just one day," says Moore.

Moore thinks she was scammed while using her debit card and entering her pin number at a store.

Many of the schemes are different, but police see similar trends that make these cases hard to follow.

"About one month of activity, then the persons would move on to another state," says Detective J.D. Bliss, with the financial crimes division of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Shoppers aren't hard targets; some people get their cards out of their wallet several times a day.

"It's something you do everyday, you don't even think about it," Moore explains. She never thought she would be a victim, now she plans to be even more careful.

"I'm just carrying around cash," Moore says. "The branch manager said, 'Don't you want to deposit your money?' and I said no, I'm carrying it around with me."

Moore says her bank has told her she should be refunded and they've got her more secure now. That's bringing her around from thinking about dealing in just cash, but the headache this scam has caused has been a big one.

"It's a real hassle because everything's connected to our checking account," Moore explains.

Her accounts will remain empty while the mess is sorted out. Moore's bank told her she will be refunded once the fraudulent charges are posted.

Moore says her bank gave tips to help keep this situation from happening again. She says they recommended the usual things, like keeping up with your balance, but they also advised her to use her card as a credit card instead of debit when she has the option. This keeps her from having to insert her pin number in front of others and prevents direct access to her bank account. Moore says she doesn't plan to use her card as a debit card again.


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