Aug 24, 2011 10:07 PM by Trovette Tottress

Students are feeling the heat in classrooms

With thermometers rising, so are the temperatures in the classrooms.

"We have about five schools with cooling systems, the other ten do not", said James Drew, Director of Communication for Widefield School District 3.

It's a problem many school districts are facing. James Drew says he understands parents' concerns.

"Some of our classrooms are quite uncomfortable", said James Drew.

And adding air conditioning would be a costly proposition.

"I'm not sure that our community would pass a bond issue for $25 million dollars to give comfort to students for about two or three weeks", said James Drew.

District 11 had the same problem five years ago. They decided to implement a new system, which they believe could be a solution for Widefield District 3.

"This is the chiller that actually takes regular water you get from the utility services and it chills it to an appropriate temperature", said Kris Garnhart, Director of Facilities for District 11. "That gets pumped through the building through a system of piping and then runs it through coils which will provide air conditioning to the school".

He says it has saved the School District  11 money.

"The ice storage system we've stored here seemed to be the best economical way to put air conditioners in the school and yet save some money", said Kris Garnhart

Widefield says they are doing everything they can to make sure students in the classroom are comfortable. And they say there are some things parents can do as well.

"Make sure your child is appropriately dressed for hot weather", said James Drew. "Make sure they have a water bottle. And, tell your child if he or she needs a break, to go ahead and take one. They will be accommodated."

Widefield says parents can also choose to keep their children home if they feel it is too hot.


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