Nov 23, 2009 7:06 AM by Andy Koen

Strange mutilations at San Luis ranch

Nestled in the San Luis Valley, at the base of the Culebra mountains is a small cattle ranch run by Manual Sanchez.  Lately, strange things have been happening here.  He found a calf mutilated on in the pasture on Monday, the fourth one this a month. "There's no trace of nothing, I just find 'em dead and there's no sign of anything," Sanchez said frustrated.

To help him look for some answers, Sanchez called Colorado Springs ufologist Chuck Zukowski.  He's investigated the crash site at Roswell and previous cow mutilations in the San Luis Valley. "This is almost identical to a previous mutilation case," Zukowski says as he looks over the carcass.

He doesn't believe the killings on Sanchez's ranch are the result of coyotes or mountain lions. "Generally, when you have this much carnage, on a normal predator kill you'll see a lot of blood on the hair around the areas." But the calf's hide is dry.  What's more, its tongue has been removed with what looks like a single, clean cut. "The old term you know, think outside the box, I go one step further and say think outside the planet," Zukowski explains. "Because you really don't know what you're looking for."

Sanchez says he couldn't risk losing any more calves and took them to auction early.  He hopes that his cows will make through the winter. Meanwhile, Zukowski is continuing his search for the truth.   He took samples from the calf's carcass and sent them to researchers at Colorado State University for further study. He say's it's difficult to say exactly what is killing the animals, and leaves open the possibility that it could be extraterrestrial.

Click here to read more about this and other investigations that Zukowski has studied.


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