Feb 23, 2014 11:18 PM by Tony Spehar

Steven Holcomb coming home with two bronze medals

Steven Holcomb, who lives and trains part time in Colorado Springs, made history along with the rest of his four-man bobsled team on Sunday by becoming the first American bobsled driver to win two medals in the same Olympic games in 62-years.

Many of Holcomb's family members live in Southern Colorado. On Saturday night they gathered at Southside Johnny's in Colorado Springs to watch the first heat of the four-man event.

"His team is great, they've got a great support team and I think we'll see an American medal," Jean Schaefer, Holcomb's mother, predicted on Saturday night.

Schaefer had a right to be optimistic, Holcomb won bronze in the two-man bobsled event earlier in the week.

"A medal is a medal, I mean we came here to medal," Holcomb told News 5 Sports Director Jordan Mason in Sochi. "Obviously our goal is to win a gold medal, but that's everybody's goal here and we hadn't won a medal since 1952, another 62-year drought."

On Sunday Holcomb's family came together to watch the final four-man race at a relative's home in Woodland Park. His sister Megan said she was full of pride and nerves while watching her brother compete.

"It's absolutely exhilarating and it's absolutely exhausting at the same time," Megan Holcomb-Bejarano described. "It's been two weeks of real nail-biting competition."

For the Holcomb family there was no more fitting place to watch the final bobsled runs than the home in Woodland Park. It was there where Steven Holcomb got his start sledding in the 8th grade along with his cousins, the tobaggon they rode is still there.

"He didn't want to go because he was a ski racer," explained Jean Schaefer. "We had a blast and he loved it and that was his first sled experience really."

Years later, Holcomb's family got to watch he and his team make a run that secured a bronze medal.

"The biggest thing is knowing that he has realized and actualized his dreams, that this is something he's always talked about," his sister Megan said at the end of the event.

It would seem mother really does know best, Jean Schaefer's Saturday night prediction that her son's team would walk away with medals came true on Sunday.

"It was faith in my son and faith in his whole team," she explained. "It's a payoff for our whole family, it's a payoff for the United States, people that have faith in our young athletes and support them."


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