Aug 19, 2014 8:56 PM by Lena Howland

State Fair prepares for opening day

The countdown for the State Fair is almost over.

Crews have been making the final touches on the fairgrounds all week to prepare for opening day.

"This great Colorado tradition, where kids from all over the state come to compete and not only that, we get an opportunity to show what the state's all about," Chris Wiseman, Colorado State Fair General Manager said.

The State Fair opens on Friday, August 22.

"Now we head into the big time where the musical acts start, the rodeo starts, and it's a pretty exciting time for us," Wiseman said.

With the fair... comes the rides.

"They're still putting rides on location, they're still trying to assemble them, get them ready for the fair and it's my job to come along behind them and make sure they did it right," Bill Hoggard, a ride inspector said.

Inspectors are out checking every single one of the rides including the Tilt-A-Whirl, making sure that they're safe for opening day.

"The objective is to keep the seats on the ride and the riders on the seats," Hoggard said.

And making sure these rides stay up and running smoothly for 11 days.

"We want to make sure everything lasts 'till the end of the fair. Don't want any sudden stops or bumps or bruises," he said.

It's a thorough process making the final touches on the fairgrounds, down to the last light bulb.

"You'll see a crew out here tonight, they'll turn on all the lights, see which ones are off, which ones are on, make sure that we replace all those, making sure the lighting of the grandstand's correct," Wiseman said.

As for those Cashcards from last year, the State Fair's board voted to go without them this year.

Full cash refunds can still be redeemed at the Ag Palace.

News 5 is a proud sponsor of the State Fair.


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