Dec 27, 2013 5:37 PM by Eric Ross

Springs woman finds memory chip with priceless family pictures

A Colorado Springs woman who found a memory card filled with priceless pictures of an Air Force Academy airman and his family is now trying to track down the owner.

As Rachel Dodson went through a box filled with baby items and books, she found something she didn't recognize.

"I pull out this card and was like, ‘Oh, it must be pictures of my kids,'" Dodson said.

It was a small chip, commonly referred to as a micro SD card which is used to store pictures and videos on digital cameras and cell phones. However, the pictures on the chip were not her children or anyone she knew.

Many of the photos were taken at the Air Force Academy. By reaching out to the media and posting on various social networking sites, Dodson hopes somebody will recognize the airman.

"Those are moments they took to be saved forever," she said.

A spokesperson for the Air Force Academy tells News 5 the picture appears to be an airman in the medical field because of a biomedical badge on his uniform. There have been reports as to who the man is, but the AFA has not been able to positively identify him.

"I just want to get the card back to whoever it belongs to because those are somebody else's memories," Dodson said.

Anyone who can identify the airman in the photograph is asked to contact the AFA.

Dodson says she'll be turning over the memory chip to the AFA next week.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on this story.



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