Jan 18, 2010 6:06 AM by John Romero

Springs Parents Search for Hope in Haiti

During worship service, members of the Mountain Springs Church pray over one another. Many of these families are adopting kids from Haiti. When the earth quake hit the country their children's orphanage was one of the hardest hit leaving it open to looting. "Since the majority of the orphanage walls fell, they don't have any protection now." explains Paul Kinch and his wife Amy.

It's a tough reality in the stricken country. "It's very vulnerable right now." say Jodie and Mark Eyberg who have 2 adopted kids of their own at the orphanage, "People are coming in at night and taking what little supplies the orphanage has. And most of the staff are women, so you have a bunch of women and children and they really are left open to these guys that are coming in."
The families are doing what they can, but options are few. "When a disaster of this magnitude strikes, you just have a complete sense of helplessness." Say Rose and Walt Marvin, "You've got to do something but there is very little you can do that's actually going to help."

As rescue efforts continue these parents hope all of their work over the past few years isn't all for lost. "We were in the last (adoption) processes. We just had one more office to go." says Kinch, "Unfortunately that office collapsed and that's where all our documents were. So now we're just kind of in limbo and not really sure what's going to happen with our process." For Rose Marvin it's a trying time, "We just love our girls and we want them home, to be able to hold them and tell them it's going to be ok..." she says, her eyes full of tears, "and that they have a family that loves them very much."

If you are interested in helping these families and the children you can go to the church website @ www.mountainsprings.org



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