Dec 24, 2009 7:23 PM by John Romero

Springs mom looks for answers in son's death

Nearly 3 years ago Melody Schmitt received a note that would change her life forever. It was from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office in Florida. "They said we found a body and we need to you come identify it." recalls Schmitt, "We immediately got in the car and went. It was Josh."

Melody's 21 year old son Josh Whittier was dead on a Navarre, Florida beach. Since then the coroner's office has declared he died of accidental drowning and investigators have closed the case. But it doesn't end there. Melody claims authorities are ignoring several pieces of evidence such as drag marks in the sand and blood stains from someone other than Josh on his jeans that could point to a grizzly murder. "I spoke to the pastor who made the phone call after seeing my son's body on the beach." explains Schmitt, "He said Melody, your son wasn't in the water and he didn't look like he had been in the water. His clothes weren't wet, so nothing adds up to it being an accidental drowning."

Melody has now hired former noted cold case investigators Lou Smit and Ollie Grey to look into her son's mysterious death. They both told News First they believe Josh's death is a case of classic murder. As for Melody, she says she's going to keep fighting for her son. But it's a daily struggle. "The pain, and the hurt and the grief... You can't put it into words." she says, "The tears come at any time. It's not something you can control. But I know Josh is ok and I know that I'm going to see my son again."

If you would like to read more about Joshua's death in his mother's own words you can CLICK HERE



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